MAY 27th 2015

Video: How to get pole at Spa in a Lola T70

As you will have no doubt noticed, last weekend the GRR team decamped en masse to the glorious Spa Francorchamps circuit at the far side of Belgium amongst the Ardennes. Many were the incredible sights and sounds, from the screaming Lotus Cortinas in the under two-litre Historic Touring class up to the astonishing speed (and deafening, thunderous howl) of the Nissan R93C Group C car.

Spa Promo Lola

Although both of those cars were dominant in their respective classes, neither had quite the impact on their respective races as did the Lola T70 in the Classic Endurance Racing class. Therein were Ford GT40s and a host of Chevrons and Porsches, not to mention the unspeakably gorgeous Alfa Romeo T33/3. But cometh the official results and the cars originally from Huntingdon occupied each of the first five positions (okay, one of them was a T212 and not a T70, but still …)  

So, to get an idea of what it’s like to pedal a T70 around one of the world’s very finest circuits we’ve turned here to renowned sportscar driver Oliver Bryant and his pole position lap at the World Sportscar Masters event in 2011. Looking at the footage we get the impression that Mr Bryant’s T70 is a fun – and very fast – car to drive. It doesn’t sound half-bad either!

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