Video: Air-cooled Porsche 914/6 flat-six screams around Daytona banking

28th October 2019
Ben Miles

The argument that the world was a better place when all Porsches were cooled by air rather than that new-fangled liquid coolant will rage forever and ever and ever... But no matter which side of that particular fence you sit, there's no denying they sound pretty good.

Even when they're in the form of perhaps one of the least-loved Porsches of all time. In this case I talk about the 914, or to be precise, a bright-orange 914/6 being raced at the Historic Sportscar Racing Classic 24 at Daytona.

Sure the 914 isn't the most inspiring of Porsches, but when you're on board and you don't have to look at it, it sure sounds good absolutely having its nuts revved off. While you won't find a massive amount of 914s doing battle this side of the pond, they're quite popular in historic racing circles in the States, and HSR's series are no different, fielding several 914s in all different styles. Thankfully pretty much all of them come in 914/6 guise, meaning it's a flat-six rather than an older four under the bonnet.

We'll be at the Classic 24 again this year, and if you want to find out more about the yearly historic pilgrimage to the 'World Centre of Racing' you can click here.

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Video: Air-cooled Porsche 914/6 flat-six screams around Daytona banking

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