Video: On Board a screaming V12 Ferrari Daytona with Jochen Mass

26th January 2017
Ben Miles

Add up the ingredients. A bright red car, a black prancing horse on a black background pasted upon the nose, a gleaming strip of concrete and scorched tarmac ahead and a Le Mans and F1 winner in the driver's seat. You know that this is going to be good.

That stunning V12 is fitted to a Ferrari Daytona and has just taken the start at Historic Sportscar Racing's first-ever Sebring Classic 12 Hours with none-other than Jochen Mass behind the wheel. We at GRR are massive fans of Jochen, indeed he's one of our House Captains at the Members' Meeting, and he gave us a wonderful guide to Sebring that we shared with you a couple of weeks ago.

Now he's in full race mode, but sadly his Ferrari Daytona is feeling a little sickly, hence the less than perfect gear changes. But that doesn't stop our Jochen, oh no. He's already dispatched several cars in the first few corners and is now off in hot pursuit of a younger Porsche 914. It doesn't take much to make that 4.3-litre V12 engine sing, and in the hands of such an expert, it sounds truly glorious.

Which car would you choose for a blast round Florida's premier road course?

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