Video: Raw Ford GT40 flat-out countryside thrash

13th May 2020
Ben Miles

Of all the places in the world you could expect to find a Ford GT40 marauding its way around a sheet of tarmac, the middle of the countryside in southern France is probably not high on the list.

Sure they spent a significant period haring down the roads of La Sarthe in the late ‘60s, but those roads were closed and armco had been installed. What we have here is a GT40 scampering down some (admittedly closed) completely unprotected lanes. This ladies and gentlemen, is the Tour Auto.

We’ve featured some videos from Tour Auto before, it’s basically a bonkers cross country rally that takes place in rural France ever year and features all sorts of classic racing cars. The drivers are also some of the highest pedigree historic racers around, like, for example, Andrew Smith, the former Goodwood modern lap record holder.

It is Smith we ride with for this stage, a six-minute blast through the countryside with trees and walls whipping by at breakneck speed. All while accompanied by the sound of the stunning V8 from the rear. Smith’s performance is impressive, something we very much doubt we could replicate. And he even throws in a short mistake in the middle just to keep you on your toes. Because what could raise the heart more than flying through the countryside in a GT40? Well, spinning a GT40 in the countryside.

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Video: Raw Ford GT40 flat-out countryside thrash

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