Video: Dancing on NSX pedals around Le Mans

27th September 2020
Laura Thomson

2019 alone feels like a lifetime away, and so the concept of 1994 – 26 years ago – is currently rather hard to fathom.

But let us just take you back to ‘94 – the year in which the Chunnel opened, BMW bought Rover and Brazil suffered both triumph and heartbreak, winning the football World Cup and losing racing legend Ayrton Senna during the San Marino Grand Prix.

1994 also marked four years into production of Honda’s first generation NSX – a revolutionary mid-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car, which rewrote the performance history books. So monumental was it, that Gordon Murray reportedly took it as inspiration for his McLaren F1 supercar and bought one to use himself.

Anyway, enough talking, let’s see it in action… Join this unknown driver behind the wheel of an early NSX at none other than France’s Circuit de la Sarthe. Watch in very grainy footage as he smoothly pilots it around all 8.5-miles of Le Mans, with a gear indicator overlay and pedal cam displaying his driving prowess.

Halfway through the 3-minute long video, the cameras cut to an exterior shot of Kenwood-liveried car cutting around the circuit, giving us a brilliant view of the NSX in all its glory.
Speaking of Senna, this video reminds us of something…

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Video: Dancing on NSX pedals around Le Mans

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