Video: NSX R vs. NSX R at the Nürburgring is all kinds of awesome

06th October 2022
Seán Ward

We could sit and watch old NSX videos all day long. In fact we have done, several times, and today we’re falling down that rabbit hole once again with this captivating comparison: NA1 NSX R versus NA2 NSX R at the Nürburgring, complete with a view of the driver’s feet and pedals in each. It’s just glorious.

We’ve sampled the NSX on numerous occasions, from NSX versus Ferrari Testarossa to an NSX at Le Mans pedal cam video and of course that legendary Ayrton Senna NSX Suzuka onboard. This little film, riding onboard with Motoharu Kurosawa as he flies around the ‘Ring in both variants of the NSX R is another we’d adding to our bookmarks folder.

The first NSX R came along in 1992, complete with a revised gearbox, tweaked suspension, different wheels and 120kg less weight. It was more stable at high speeds than the regular car, too, which meant better lap times. Ten years later the next NSX R flew onto the scene, admittedly weighing 40kg more than the old car but still 100kg less than the ‘standard’ facelifted NSX. But it had 290PS (213kW) compared to the 270PS (198kW) of before.

So, across one lap of one of the most famous tracks in the world with the same driver in the hot seat, which car are you backing? The older but lighter NA1, or the more powerful and newer NA2?

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Video: NSX R vs. NSX R at the Nürburgring is all kinds of awesome

06th October 2022



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