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AUG 21st 2020
Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel

BARC Red – a new series where almost anything can enter – Thank Frankel it’s Friday

The idea of ‘run what you brung’ racing at Goodwood is about as anathema to the philosophy of Britain’s most challenging, historic and best preserved circuit as you can get. Goodwood’s very appeal lies in its ability to attract cars of a kind that raced in precisely defined categories in period and do so again today. If your car doesn’t fit into one of those categories, because it is too new, too modified or just not of a kind represented on the grid, you don’t get to race and it is as simple as that.

It is an approach that has worked brilliantly at Goodwood, ensuring capacity grids and capacity crowds at the Revival since racing returned to the circuit in 1998.


Andrew Frankel

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