DEC 04th 2014

For Sale: ex‑Gilles Villeneuve Ferrari 126 C2!


We looked recently at a clip of the great Gilles Villeneuve in his titanic battle with Rene Arnoux at Dijon as part of our ‘Flat out and Fearless…‘ series. It typified the driving style of the late Canadian who is widely considered to be one of the finest drivers not to win a world championship. (We’re not counting the 1974 World Championship Snowmobile Derby, but we’ll throw it out there for trivia fans!)

Villeneuve Ferrari

It is tragically ironic that Villeneuve’s best chance at the title might have been in the 1982 season where he lost his life at Zolder in Belgium. Indeed, the Ferrari 126C was an exceptional racing car which won the constructor’s title that year. Sadly we’ll never know what might have been …

villeneuve ferrari

This 126 C2 was driven not only by Villeneuve, but also Patrick Tambay and Mario Andretti. What’s more GRR has discovered that this very car is currently for sale, has been restored to ‘concours condition’ and is race-ready. There are close-up shots and footage of it running recently in this clip:

The price is available on application only, but given the state of the market for significant and historic Ferraris we’d wager that it could be a particularly sound investment. It would also, of course, be an absolute joy to take out for the odd track excursion, weighing just 595 kilos and with 580bhp coming from its turbocharged V6 at 11,00 rpm.

villeneuve ferrari

It’s a pretty F1 car, too. But does anybody else agree that one of the best things about its appearance is that magical number 27 on the nose?


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