FEB 06th 2015

Goodwood Greats: 1953 Alfa Romeo 6C 3000PR 'Disco Volante'

And so to the first Italian car in our Goodwood Greats series: Christopher Mann’s beautiful Alfa Romeo 6C 3000PR ‘Disco Volante.’

‘I’m so lucky to have it,’ Christopher beams. He’s a lucky man in more ways than one. Shortly after it was built, it suffered a terrible accident and was badly burned. Subsequently, and despite being described as ‘destroyed’ by the factory, it was bought by a Brazilian gentleman and found its way into his museum (which to this day still contains a number of old Alfa Romeos). 


Said museum owner met a sticky end when he was shot dead by his mistress, after which renowned dealer of historic racing cars Colin Crabbe rescued the car about 30 years ago. It then found its way into Christopher’s hands. ‘We’re getting it on the pace as we iron-out more of the original design flaws!’ he says of the car’s outings at Goodwood. ‘It’s just so fantastic to drive and makes such a distinctive sound, although being designed as a long-distance racer it isn’t ideally suited to sprinting.’


That said, the Alfa is apparently a very strong car. ‘Most Alfa racers of the period were, frankly, over-engineered – hence the weight of the 3000!’ We were hoping to see the Disco Volante again at the 73rd Members’ Meeting, but alas there wouldn’t appear to be a race into which it fits ‘…but I’d love to enter it as a guest car in the Ferrari-only Lavant Cup race!’ 

Assuming the Competitions Department can accommodate the Alfa, we look forward to seeing it again at the Revival in September!   

Photography: Antony Fraser

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