Video: Classic Cortina v Mini battling at Silverstone

29th July 2017
Ben Miles

We've got to wait another year before the eternal battle between Lotus Cortina and Mini returns to the Goodwood Revival, but thankfully our friends at the Silverstone Classic can easily sate our appetite for little v large battling with their under two-litre touring car race.

After another awesome race was over Cortina pedaller John Spiers uploaded his on board footage for the rest of us to enjoy. John had a grandstand view of all the action after qualifying in 11th position in his white Cortina, headed only by more Cortinas, a Consul and a lone BMW. Come the first corner John was behind some of the sprightly Minis, but he was easily back on terms as they streamed up the long Wellington straight. 

Then disaster struck, Spiers found himself flying wide into Brooklands, allowing the swarm of Minis past him and setting up an awesome fightback that would see John not only claw his way back to his grid position, but all the way up to fourth!

The clip here is just a snapshot of that awesome battle, but allows us a quick taste of exactly what the other 35 minutes had in store. Let us know below whether you'd prefer to be in a Mini or a Cortina?

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Video: Classic Cortina v Mini battling at Silverstone

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