Video: Ex-Fangio Jaguar C-Type hurled round Le Mans

09th May 2022
Ben Miles

A Jaguar C-Type, at Le Mans, with a proper running Le Mans start and a top quality GT driver at the wheel – is there much more evocative?

This is the Le Mans Classic in 2012. If you don’t know what the Le Mans Classic is, the name explains most of it. Over 24 hours classic racing cars from almost every era in the history of Le Mans race round the full 24 Hour circuit in one hour chunks.

At the start they also do a traditional Le Mans start, with drivers running across the track before jumping in and setting off. This video, from organisers Peter Auto, showcases just how that works from the car’s point of view, before adding in some of the race’s start proper.

We’re in the hands of Alex Buncombe, a regular in historic racing these days and also an extremely fast modern GT racer. After jumping in for a spectacular get away alongside a Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, he loses the lead at the real start to a more modern Jaguar D-Type.

But, Al knows this ex-Fangio car very well and quickly jumps back into the lead, sliding the C-Type beautifully through the curves of the Forest Esses. It’s a short but spellbinding watch.

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