Video: The Aladdin’s cave of historic motorsport | Pearsons Engineering Ltd | Goodwood Masters

24th January 2024
Simon Ostler

Who doesn’t love a classic racing Jaguar? Whether it’s the C-Type, D-Type or E-Type that’s your weapon of choice, the likelihood is the best one you can buy has been restored, serviced and prepared by Pearsons Engineering.

With an expertise in Jaguars that goes back to the 1960s, this humble workshop situated ten miles from Silverstone is home to some of the world’s most pristine, beautiful and successful sportscars in the world.

In this episode of Goodwood Masters presented by Motul, we went to visit Gary Pearson, the owner of Pearsons Engineering, and long-time friend of Goodwood, to find out more about the work that goes on in the workshop.

Over the years he has built a team full of F1 veterans, and you can tell the work going on here is nothing short of expert craftsmanship. This is a one-stop shop, too. The team at Pearsons don’t just work on the cars, but they design and fabricate the parts they use, too, which have then been supplied to the likes of Jaguar Land Rover for its own heritage models. Have a rummage through the warehouse and you’ll find things like brake calipers and gearboxes for a Porsche 917.

Among Gary’s favourites are a 1988 championship-winning Jaguar XJR-9, which he owns, and sits now in the workshop in the XJR-12 spec it ended its racing life in as it finished second in the 1991 Le Mans 24 Hours. There’s also one of the four surviving original D-Types from 1954

Horizons aren’t limited to Jaguars either, among a long list of clients is Alex Brundle, who Pearson worked with to build a classic racing Mustang and a Ford GT40. He has also worked with more modern racers, including BTCC Super Tourers.

And, of course, like anyone else with the opportunity to work on cars like this, Gary couldn’t help but climb into the drivers’ seat himself, and now races regularly at historic race meetings all over the world, including the Le Mans Classic, Spa 6 Hours, and of course the Goodwood Members Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport and Goodwood Revival.

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Video: The Aladdin’s cave of historic motorsport | Pearsons Engineering Ltd | Goodwood Masters

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