Video: Fangio driving an F1 car at 74 should inspire us all

23rd April 2018

We all have those moments when we’re doing something that should be fun, or that we used to do years ago and think “I’m too old for this nonsense”. Well, we’re here to help give a little perspective courtesy of one Juan Manuel Fangio, for the next time you risk missing out on doing something because of your ill-perceived agedness.

Coming to you in lovely Super 8 from the 1985 Monterey Historic Races is the legendary five-time champ, at the heady age of 74, throwing is 1951 championship-winning Alfa Romeo 159 around Laguna Seca. Next time your kids nag you to come out for a kick about, think back to Fangio…

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Video: Fangio driving an F1 car at 74 should inspire us all

23rd April 2018


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