Video: Get ready for 80MM on board a screaming DBR9

11th April 2023
Ethan Jupp

It’s easy to overuse the expression ‘golden era’ in relation to by-gone motorsport classes and disciplines but we reckon the case for 2000s GT1 is pretty easy. Now, full disclosure. Many of the folks in the office and I are, shall we say, of an age where the early 2000s are viewed through rose-tinted lenses – the music, the culture, the cars, the racing. It was our time. Say what you will about most of that stuff but the cars and racing? Top tier.

In evidence of this, we present to you the Aston Martin DBR9, with footage on-board at the Mugello Classic earlier this year. Tell us that a bewinged GT car with a V12, resembling cars you could buy from a dealer, racing against others very much like it, isn’t indicative of a golden era? Enough arguing. Just sit, watch, listen, as the DBR9 serenades you with its V12 wail, just as the good lord and the magnificent boffins at Prodrive intended. We’ll see you – and seven of these sonorous sods – at the 80th Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport this weekend. 

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Video: Get ready for 80MM on board a screaming DBR9

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