Video: Is the mighty front-engined Panoz Roadster the craziest LMP1 car?

23rd June 2020
Ben Miles

The Panoz Epserante was one of the craziest icons of 1990s sportscar racing. A brutal, loud, front-engined GT1 car that looked completely out of this world. But what can after the Esperante was, perhaps, even more awesome.

This is the Panoz LMP-1 Roadster-S. A much worse name than Esperante, but an awesome machine. It takes a lot of the Esperante’s formula – front-mounted engine, big V8, incredible looks – and then chops the lid off.

The LMP-1 raced from 1999 until 2003, and become a fan favourite. Even helping Panoz beat BMW to the first ever American Le Mans Series (ALMS) teams championship in 1999. It also raced at Le Mans, providing some, sort-of, competition for the mighty Audi R8. It would be replaced by the even more bonkers LMP07, but brought back to action after Panoz decided the new 07s weren’t good enough.

During our celebration of all things LMP at the 77th Members’ Meeting in 2019 one took to the track in a brilliant demonstration, in the hands of first David Brabham (who drove it in period) and then Emanuele Pirro (who raced against it, and will drive anything he gets his hands on). And we caught up with the very lucky owner to find out what makes this car tick.

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Video: Is the mighty front-engined Panoz Roadster the craziest LMP1 car?

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