Video: Listen to the V12 symphony of two MC12 Corses

27th July 2022
Seán Ward

The MC20 is a fine car and everything, but in terms of noise, it simply can’t compete with Maserati’s last mid-engined supercar, the MC12. And writing these words, having just watched an MC12 Corse duo shriek around La Sarthe at the 2022 Le Mans Classic, I’m struggling to do anything other than bark expletives at my screen. Prepare your ears for a V12 pummelling.

Recorded by our friends at Belgian Motorsport, the MC12 Corse pair provide an aural massage the likes of which only a V12 can offer. Having said that, the other cars in the video (a Ferrari 333SP, Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo, Dallara SP1, Vantage GT4 and so on) aren’t exactly quiet.

Why are we such big fans of the MC12, besides the noise? Well it was the Ferrari Enzo’s step sister, which many thought made it the poor relation. But in addition to the 12 racing cars only 50 road-going examples were made, compared to the 400 (depending on who you ask) Enzos that left the factory. It’s also a prettier car, to my eyes at least, and over the years we’ve seen various MC12s fly up the Hill at the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard. The sound of the MC12 Corsa Cent is still ringing fresh in our ears, while the video of Michael Bartels oversteering everywhere in an MC12 GT1 is something we will never forget.

Anyway, back to Le Mans. Whack up the volume, this is a good one.

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