Video: The greatest racing Minis | Swiftune | Goodwood Masters

18th January 2024
Simon Ostler

If you’ve ever attended a Goodwood meeting, you’ll more than likely have seen Nick Swift absolutely tearing it round the Motor Circuit in one of his racing Minis, all four wheels seldom in contact with the track's surface at once.

He’s become a legendary figure within our little world of historic racing, never one to shy away from putting on a show with his exuberant driving style, ever the underdog locked in battle with something far bigger and more powerful.

In this episode of Goodwood Masters presented by Motul, we sat down to speak with the man himself about his lifelong relationship with the Mini. It began during his childhood, he tells us how his father has instilled a passion for engineering in him at a young age, which eventually manifested in his Swiftune business, which specialises in preparing and building Minis for the racetrack and for the road.

He builds the engines, develops the chassis and finesses the handling, producing some of the most pristine examples of classic Minis you can find in the world. As Mini experts go, Nick Swift is no doubt one among the very best.

He's also developed his own bespoke version of the Mini, called the Mini Madgwick, named of course after the first corner of the Goodwood Motor Circuit, a venue that he has achieved some of his greatest successes.

Swift is a fantastic character, who will always be welcome here at Goodwood, and there’s no doubting the impact he has had on classic Mini racing, which is far healthier now as a result of his passion.

You’re going to enjoy this one, he has some brilliant stories to tell about his numerous on-track battles.

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Video: The greatest racing Minis | Swiftune | Goodwood Masters

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