Video: Throwing a go-kart around Laguna Seca looks insane

17th May 2022
Simon Ostler

It’s a dream of many a motorsport fan to have the chance to race at America’s most famous road circuit, Laguna Seca, but I bet you didn’t think you could do it in a kart…

This is perhaps one of the most bonkers things we’ve ever seen. We’re riding onboard a 125cc shifter kart pulling speeds of up to and perhaps even beyond 100mph, heaven knows what that must feel like when you’re running a few inches from the ground. Needless to say, it looks incredible from where we’re sitting.

With this being such a lightweight machine with a ludicrously low centre of gravity, the cornering speeds are incredibly high, and lap times are somewhere around the 1:40 mark, which is pretty impressive when you consider that’s only half a minute slower than the overall lap record set by an Acura Le Mans Prototype. The racing action is pretty good, too, so sit back and enjoy this intense battle from last on the grid.

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Video: Throwing a go-kart around Laguna Seca looks insane

17th May 2022



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