2023 Formula E calendar

18th August 2022
Ben Miles

For its ninth season, the Formula E World Championship is going to undergo a lot of upheaval. Teams are coming and going, there’s a new car and more drivers than ever are set to be on the grid. The calendar is set, sort of, and for the third year in a row will take place in one single calendar year – even if Formula E continues to call it the 2022-23 season.


Portland race completes 2023 Formula E calendar

Updated: Friday 9th December 2022 at 13:00. Formula E will visit the United States once more in 2023, after a deal was agreed with authorities in Portland, Oregon, to hold a race in June.

Renovations to the Red Hook Cruise Terminal, where a US race has been held in New York since 2017, mean it could not take place there again in 2023 but the switch to the West Coast means the championship will still have a presence in the US.

The move means that Formula E will have four new venues for 2023 – Hyderabad, Cape Town and Sao Paulo, and run at 11 venues from January to July. The other change to the season is that the final TBD slot that remained on the calendar will be removed, leaving the 2023 season at 16-races.

2023 Formula E Calendar




Mexico City


14th January


Saudi Arabia

27th January

Diriyah 2

Saudi Arabia

28th January



11th February

Cape Town

South Africa

25th February

Sao Paulo


25th March



22nd April



23rd April



6th May



3rd June

Jakarta 2


4th June



24th June



15th July

Rome 2


16th July


United Kingdom

29th July

London 2

United Kingdom

30th July


Cape Town replaces Seoul for 2023 Formula E season

Updated: Thursday 20th October at 14:15. Formula E will race in South Africa for the first time in 2023, as a race in Cape Town joins the calendar to replace the planned races in South Korea.

A single race around the football stadium in Cape Town on 25th February will now sit between the races in Hyderabad in early February and Sao Paulo in late-March.

The originally-published calendar had included two races in Seoul around the Olympic Stadium. But renovation work to the stadium means they can no longer use the same track and another location was not found.

The round in Cape Town as well as a second race in Berlin, will replace the South Korean races for 2023, with Seoul expected to return in 2024.

The 2023 calendar still has two dates yet to be finalised, on 20th May and 24th June, and an announcement on the final two races, with one potentially in the USA, is expected soon.

When does the 2023 Formula E season start?

The whole of the actual 2022-2023 racing season takes place in 2023, so we are going to continue to call it either the 2023 season or season nine in this article. But, just to make sure something official does happen in 2022, the pre-season test at Valencia will happen on December 11-14.

The first race for Formula E’s Gen3 era will take place in Mexico City on 14th January, around the Formula E layout of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. This is the first time Formula E has kicked off in Mexico, taking over from Diryah, which hosted the last two opening rounds. Diriyah will follow with a double-header on 27th and 28th January.

What new Formula E races are happening in 2023?

India is set to host its first Formula E race, and the first FIA World Championship race to happen in the country since the 2013 Indian Grand Prix. The race will be held in Hyderabad in Southern India, on a 2.37km street circuit.

Formula E is also set to race in Brazil for the first time. There have already been multiple attempts to run a race in Brazil, but 2023s Sao Paulo ePrix will be the first to actually come to fruition. The race will use a 3.5km street circuit which uses part of the Sao Paulo street circuit used by IndyCar from 2010 to 2013.


What races are returning for 2023?

As well as Mexico City and Diryah, races in Berlin, Monaco, Seoul, Jakarta, Rome and London will return.

This year there will be only one Berlin ePrix, for the first time in several years. The Tempelhof Airport has hosted as many as six races during the Covid-19 pandemic affected seasons, but will hold just one race for 2023.

London’s Excel race switches to become the last race of the year, a double-header, as it was for the first couple of Formula E seasons in its old home in Battersea Park, as Seoul moves to a date in May just after the Monaco ePrix. The South Korean round will also change venues, as the stadium it used in 2022 is being renovated. Jakarta will host a double-header in June after its first Formula E race this year and there will be another double-header in Rome. That means at least five rounds will have two races in 2023.


Might there be more Formula E races in 2023?

It’s not just might, there most likely will. Rounds five, six and 14 are all still TBD at the time of writing. Paris has a contract in place to return, after it slipped away from the calendar during the pandemic, New York also doesn’t currently have a date, with no rounds scheduled for the USA at all. A round in China and a race in Cape Town were also expected for 2023, but are currently missing. China’s continuing travel restrictions make it unlikely Formula E will be able to return, but Cape Town’s silence is interesting.

Last season Vancouver dropped off the calendar due to pandemic restrictions and eventually had its contract entirely cancelled. Marrakesh stepped in to host a race again at short notice, but is not currently expected to return for 2023.

As a final note, the circuits in Hyderabad, Sao Paulo and the new track for Seoul are all still to be homologated by the FIA.

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