Video: Rallying in Monte Carlo takes a ridiculous amount of talent

01st February 2024
Simon Ostler

This is some of the purest onboard footage of a rally driver in action we’ve ever seen. Crystal clear helmet cam capturing the artistry of Sean Johnston in his Citroen C3 Rally2 carrying out some test runs for the 2023 Monte Carlo Rally.

The question is, what are you concentrating on as you watch this? Are you looking at the road ahead, enjoying the view as this hardcore rally machine wends its way along the treacherous mountain side? Are you engrossed in the work going on at the wheel and with the gear shift? Or are you listening to the precision of the pace notes delivered so calmly from the co-driver’s seat? If you’re a rally driver, you’re doing all three at once, and that is just mind-blowing to consider.

How can it be that these superhuman individuals are able to comprehend the instructions and transfer them into perfectly timed inputs behind the wheel, maximising the speed that they carry through the corners according to their own assessments out of the windscreen?

To have the confidence to fling the car into a blind turn, with a cliff edge waiting on the outside, with nothing but the word of your co-driver to let you know it’s the right thing to do? It’s incredible really, and well worth your time to enjoy these two runs through the mountains of Monte Carlo.

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