Video: This is the greatest spectacle in motorsport

15th March 2024
Ben Miles

You’ve probably seen the short clips online of the madness that ensued on this year’s Monte Carlo Rally. The sea of red light from flares as fireworks whizzed and banged overhead. The best kind of madness, but madness non the less.

But, you probably haven’t seen the full stage. That, we think, showcases this extraordinary moment better than anything else.

The Monte Carlo Rally has always had an element of fans turning the stage side into a party. But in recent years we seem to be getting back to almost crazy Group B levels of fan atmosphere.

What makes this video even better is the showcase of how different one section is – the big bowl area that you’ve already seen – from the rest of the stage. The rest is pure, rallying darkness. Just Elfyn Evans, Scott Martin and the road. But for an extraordinary minute or so, you have to wonder just how the Welshman concentrates at all.

As we enter that valley not only are there red flares, not only are there fireworks, but there are fans hanging onto the barriers, precariously balanced on a cliff edge. There are flags and banners draped so far over the road that Evans basically moves them aside as he passes.

And then, we’re back into the French countryside. The experience of that minute is gone, Evans is concentrating on a lithe piece of tarmac, and the Toyota GR Yaris’s lights are the only visual accompaniment we have. There surely is nothing quite like it in motorsport?

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