Video: Learn how to drive a Ferrari 250 GTO

31st January 2024
Simon Ostler

If you’ve ever wondered what the drivers are up to when they’re dancing their priceless historic racing cars on the absolute limit, then this video is as good an insight as you’re ever likely to get.

On rare occasions, we’ve been treated to the unforgettable sight of Ferrari 250 GTOs getting driven incredibly spiritedly on the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The 2023 Lavant Cup was one of those very special moments when we get to see them in action, and it’s safe to say there’s very little on the planet that can match the look and sound of Ferrari’s legendary ’60s grand tourer.

We’ve often wondered what they must be like to drive. Cars in those days were very different to the kind of machinery we’re used to driving in the 21st century, but to race them must be an altogether different experience.

Here, we get perhaps the best insight into what it takes to race a Ferrari 250 GTO on the limit, at Zandvoort no less, with a quite incredible dual camera view of the driver’s inputs to the steering and the pedals.

What we can say with near certainty is that this car looks like an absolute joy to drive. The gear shift looks and sounds so assured, while the pedals look to be perfectly placed for an effortless heel and toe.

We get the sense this driver must be pretty well accustomed to sitting behind the wheel of a 250 GTO, because his confidence on the brakes and the throttle pedal are inspiring to say the least. If we weren’t already pining for a go, this has made us think of nothing else.

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Video: Learn how to drive a Ferrari 250 GTO

31st January


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