Peugeot reveals spectacular Le Mans livery for 9X8

18th April 2023
Ethan Jupp

We can all agree the Peugeot 9X8 is a fantastic-looking Le Mans Hypercar, but not one that’s really shown off by its present grey and black livery. For the Le Mans centenary, Peugeot Sport has rectified this. Take in the fantastic new livery the 9X8 will be wearing when it hits La Sarthe in June.


The partially technicolour scheme is draped over a gridded white base, with blue and familiar lurid green highlights. Along the side in a blue section, ‘9X8’ is emblazoned in the technicolour scheme.

The livery is a collaboration with J. Demsky, a graffiti-influenced experimental artist inspired by Sci-fi. In his art and on this livery, he is in his own words, “creating impossible shapes gravitating in multiple dimensions in an organised chaos environment”. Past works of his where you can see how the ideas formed include ‘Glitch Interferences’, a piece of street art in Port Adelaide, and his work with Adidas. He has collaborated with a number of brands in the past, including Sony, Heineken and many others. 


Will a new livery breathe a new lease of competitiveness into the Peugeot for its Le Mans efforts? The car's wingless design lends itself to the high consistent speeds the enduro demands. 

In terms of the car’s development, Olivier Jansonnie, Peugeot Sport’s technical director, was happy with improvements in reliability, if not pace, at Portimão, saying “We did a good step forward as the two cars crossed the chequered flag we managed to not have any of the reliability issues that we have had previously”. Given the first job of a successful Le Mans racer is to actually finish, this is a positive step.

We look forward to seeing the Peugeots racing in their new livery when at Le Mans on June 10 and 11.

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