The Digatron is JCB’s new Monster Jam Truck

04th January 2024
James Charman

Take a look at this: the latest monster truck for the US-based Monster Jam series. It’s the JCB Digatron, and isn’t it the coolest thing JCB has ever built? The initial spark for the Digatron came from a Christmas drawing activity between JCB chairman Lord Bamford and his grandson Otis, a huge Monster Jam fan, to create ‘the perfect monster truck’.


It’s built from the foundations of a standard Monster Jam truck, while the design is based on the iconic JCB backhoe loader, but under its fibreglass shell, the Digatron is as far removed from the tractor you’d see on a building site. Measuring more than ten feet tall, 12 feet wide and 17 feet long, the truck is powered by a mammoth nine-litre supercharged engine generating 1,500PS (1,103kW) and 1,790Nm (1,320lb ft) of torque. With an engine that size, you can expect it to be thirsty, too, drinking three gallons of methanol fuel every minute.

Each corner of the truck can travel 30 inches thanks to the nitrogen-charged shocks, while 66-inch specially-made BKT tyres are inflated to just 23psi for the perfect bounce.

The Digatron is not just for show, though. Competition is key when it comes to a Monster Jam event. Split into four categories, the trucks will be put through their paces in racing, skills, donuts and freestyle contests. Racing is a straight head-to-head knockout, while skills challenges see drivers perform their best stunts with at least two wheels in the air, the moonwalk and wheelie being the favoured choice of many drivers.

While the donut competition speaks for itself, freestyle is where most of the highlight reel footage is found. Jaw-droppingly high jumps, backflips, ‘sky wheelies’ and more are regularly seen as these trucks power their way around bespoke dirt arenas, often in football and baseball stadiums across the United States and beyond.

The Digatron will make its debut at the Alamodome in Texas on the 13th of January as part of the Stadium Championship Series East, which travels across states such as Florida, New York and Georgia. Driven by reigning Monster Jam World Finals Racing champion Tristan England, the truck will compete against fan-favourites such as Max-D and Megalodon, as well as the iconic Grave Digger, all vying for a coveted place at this year’s World Finals, held in May at California’s SoFi Stadium. 

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