Video: Hot laps in a Caterham 420R look so fun

01st November 2022
Simon Ostler

The Caterham 7 has always been something of a racecar for the road. Its open cockpit, open wheel setup just makes it look like it belongs on the track. Never has that been more the case than with this 420R version. Mainly because it isn’t road legal, being as it is a specialised racer with slick tyres, uprated brakes and racing suspension.

Here we ride onboard a hot lap of Knockhill in Scotland, as this Caterham 7 420R is being put through its paces around the fast and flowing circuit (you might have noticed he’s going round the wrong way) as that 178PS (131kW) 2.0-litre engine roars to speeds of more than 110mph.

There’s plenty of grip from this highly fettled machine, even as it launches over the kerbs, but you can tell how hard this driver is pushing as he gets a snap of oversteer over the crest at Clark Corner. This car looks incredibly fun to drive, and we’d love to have a go. Do you reckon you could beat this time?

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Video: Hot laps in a Caterham 420R look so fun

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