Video: How much talent do you need to slide a motorbike like this?

13th December 2023
Simon Ostler

If you haven’t seen someone showing off on a Supermoto before, prepare to be shocked. How, just how, does somebody get so good at something? I wish I was half as good at anything as Bandon Paasch is at sliding around on a motorcycle.

It’s the effortlessness that does it for me. The way he nonchalantly kicks the back wheel into a slide without adjusting his momentum or trajectory is a thing of beauty. Then he goes a step further and instigates the slide by lifting the back wheel of the ground as he comes flying over the bridge. You can tell by the way the bike is twitching that he is right on the very edge of grip. It makes you realise that this could so easily go wrong.

Having such a lightweight bike makes it so easy to transfer the weight though, and he is truly hurling himself around on top of this bike as he navigates a series of chicanes. Nothing but pure trust is giving him the confidence to do this, not to mention some hefty, hefty plums.

There’s no other word for it, it’s astonishing. And something we really can’t get enough of in the GRR office.

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