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2024 IndyCar drivers and teams | Vautier returns with Dale Coyne Racing

Video: Onboard BMW M3 GTS vs M5 Nürburgring battle

We love a sibling rivalry here at GRR and few are more entertaining than what we have for you today. In one corner, the howling vocalist that is the M3 GTS (in which we ride) and in the other, the bodybuilder F10 M5. We’re glad to be on board with the screaming orange V8 for the noise alone but there’s a reason the big turbocharged V8 is the ’Ring taxi of choice. That being said, driven as handily as this, the M3 GTS with its mild aero, track tyres and dialled geo absolutely mincing the Nordschleife and humbling the bigger faster car in the more technical stuff. Obviously with almost 600PS, the M5 starts to stroll on in the straights,


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