Video: Some rally mastery from the best in the world

25th November 2022
Ben Miles

The WRC is still the biggest show in rallying, and it attracts top level attention from motorsport fans all around the globe. But in the UK we seem to have forgotten about it for some reason. So, here’s a reason to remember it. The beginning of what could be one of the greatest WRC careers of all.

We recently posted our pick of the best WRC drivers of the 2022 season and it really wouldn’t be a spoiler to say that this young man was on top. And it is not patronising to describe Kalle Rovanperä as a young man – he’s 22.

The Finn has been imperious in 2022, no one could get close to him at times, and if you watch this onboard you can see why. Rovanperä’s mastery of a four-wheel-drive hybrid rally car is extraordinary to watch. From afar it looks like childs play, the simple matter of just twirling that little wheel every now and then (or constantly) but the close up face cam in this particular onboard showcases use how much effort is going in.

Rovanperä is supremely focused, you can see him peer to see the next apex, strain to look over every crest and, even at one point, crack the meerest of smiles when he’s obviously pleased with how he took a corner.

Oh, and to top if off, this is the stage upon which Rovanperä was crowned the best rally driver of 2022. He won his world championship by crossing the line in this stage. So we get to see him crack from focus and grit into delight.

Rovanperä tries to keep it in check, he has to land the car from a jump and navigate a tight gate first, but there’s no holding back after that. The grin arrives and he joins co-driver Jonne Halttunen in going wild. And much deserved.

This is the kind of incredible young talent that’s at the top of rallying now, in ridiculously fast machines with big wings and box arches. If you don’t watch it, you really should.

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