Video: The Gran Turismo 7 trailer looks utterly beautiful | FOS Future Lab

11th June 2020
Ben Miles

There is a brand new PlayStation (the fifth, called, imaginatively, the PS5) and with it there is a brand new Gran Turismo game. Gran Turismo 7 is not just the latest instalment of the smash hit series, or the first racing game for the next generation of consoles, it is the first full GT game since 2013!

But, what about GT Sport I hear you cry? Well, GT Sport is great and all, but it isn’t a full game, more a bridging gap between GT6 and GT7, between PS4 and PS5. So it has been a long wait. Now we have a full three minute trailer for the new game, and it looks extremely exciting.

What have we learned? Well the game is still very much a work in progress as the PS5 isn’t going to be available until later in the year, but even now the graphics still look top notch – which has always been one of Gran Turismo’s calling cards. Even more impressive for a first showing, after a nice little bit of pre-rendered intro, we’ve been given some actual gameplay footage already.

First we get a very quick showing of the menu system for GT7, which will be a familiar one for long-time fans of the Gran Turismo series, as it’s basically the GT4 menu screen with shinier graphics and a black background. You also have a new helper called Sarah to guide you around, and that’s all we know about her. What is also clear is that, while the smaller GT Sport concentrated hard on the motorsport side of things, GT7 is going to bring back road car side back to the fore. We get a brief demonstration of the pre-rendered graphics of the inside and out of an Aston Martin DB11, and it’s yet again from GT a show of how you’ll struggle to see the difference between real life and video game, at least when you take your creation out for some in-game photography. There’s also a quick demonstration of the in-game car customisation options where, again, you have a helper (he’s called Rupert and he looks like a nice chap).

But, for the last minute or so of the clip, we get what we really want: gameplay footage. There’s a brief clip of the new method for choosing circuits (it’s a giant blue globe) and a view of a few circuits that will be in the game before Sarah covers them over.

Then we jump into racing. We can see that It’s slightly lower-res than the rest of the video, looking very much like it’s still in an earlier stage, but even this is more than enough to get you excited. We jump straight into the Mazda Vision Gran Turismo, for a battle around one of GT’s most iconic circuits: Trial Mountain. And, as this is a trailer and they want to show off, Polyphony (who make the game) had chosen a pretty special lineup. ‘You’ are racing against the small matters of another Mazda, a Porsche 917K and an Aston Martin DBR9 (both resplendent in Gulf livery). It looks awesome and it sounds incredible, with both the Mazda from the cockpit sounding amazing and the 917 from outside adding some aural pleasure. And then, it’s over. And we’re all left wanting for more. Please Polyphony, don’t keep us waiting!

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