Video: The two best rally drivers in the world head-to-head

29th November 2022
Ben Miles

Kalle Rovanperä and Ott Tanak are, almost indisputably, the two best rally drivers in the world at the moment. Rovanperä walked to the 2022 WRC title while Tanak overcame a team set up for his team-mate and an initially poor car to claim the runner-up spot.

But, comparing drivers head-to-head, is one thing rallying never really provides. Yes they attack the same special stages as each other on the same days, but rally stages are constantly evolving things. Often about 20km long rain can fall in places one minute and not the next. Cars can cut up the stage and change how it drives for the car behind. So true head-to-head comparison is hard.

But, sometimes, rallying has a bit of a day off. And puts on what it calls a Super Special Stage. One where the two drivers genuinely go head-to-head. And, sometimes, those head-to-heads are held inside statiums, where thousands can pack in as if they’re heading to watch a football match.

And that is what happened at the Greek round of this year’s World Rally Championship – the legendary Acropolis Rally. There the Olympic stadium was turned into what appears to be a kart track. But it was a kart track big enough for a pair of modern WRC machines to attack.

And that means, we had a head-to-head between the two best rally drivers in the world, who would win? Watch to find out.

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