Video: This Ferrari 599 drift car is silly but we love it

06th September 2020
Seán Ward

Any excuse to watch a video of a Ferrari 599 and we’re there. So to find a video of a Ferrari 599 drift car, well, we’ve put our phones on do not disturb, put an out of office on our emails and, essentially, told the world to go away for six minutes.

The Ferrari 599 was a cracking creation. Even with the likes of the utterly mad 800PS (588kW) 812 Superfast, driving a 599 today is still a special, pulse-raising experience. Most were sold with a six-speed automated-manual transmission (although a few wonderful people specced six-speed manuals), paired to the 6.0-litre V12 ‘Tipo F140 C’ engine from the Ferrari Enzo. With some straight-through pipes they sounded demonic, so you can imagine how loud a straight-piped 599 with two superchargers would be. And that’s exactly what we have here.

Owned and drifted by Italian Federico Sceriffo, it hasn’t proved to be a particularly successful drift car. It caught fire in its first event, for example. But who cares. It’s a 599 drift car, and we should always applaud anyone who thinks something so utterly bonkers is a good idea. Bravo, Federico.

Welcome to Goodwood Elevenses, a mid-morning helping of motoring-related amusement to help break up your day. Watch the last video: Ten minutes of Maxi Clio heaven

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Video: This Ferrari 599 drift car is silly but we love it

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