Here's what's different about the new Mercedes-AMG C63

27th March 2018
Bob Murray

Uh oh, it’s mid-life update time for one of our favourite sporting compacts (and AMG’s biggest-selling model) – the C-Class in top C63 trim. Never fear, though, all the important stuff – full range of body styles (coupe, saloon, estate and convertible), full complement of engine cylinders (eight), plenty of power (503bhp for the S) and rear-wheel drive – has not been fiddled with.


So what has changed with the newcomer, orderable from April and due to arrive in October? Here’s our rundown on what’s new…

1. No full-fat AMG is complete these days without the Panamericana face, and the latest C63 gets it, as one look at the grille with its vertical louvres in high-gloss chrome shows. 

2. You will be able to spot the 2018 C63 from the back too: there are shiny new twin tailpipe trims and a purposeful-looking new diffuser.

3. The suspension has been re-tuned, in keeping with the more dynamic emphasis of the new model. As before the AMG Ride Control system relies on steel springs and adaptive dampers.

4. A limited-slip differential is now standard on all C63s. As before, it’s electronically controlled but doesn’t rely on the braking system to rein in a spinning inside wheel when powering out of corners. It’s cleverer than that.

5. Dynamic engine mounts are standard on the C63 S. AMG says they automatically adjust their rigidity to achieve a better balance between comfort and handling precision.


6. The 4.0-lire Biturbo V8, and its power outputs, may not have changed but the transmission has: out goes the seven-speed ‘box and in comes the AMG Speedshift nine-speeder, tuned, says AMG, for a  more dynamic drive. The car now always sets off in first while left in manual mode it will not bail out the clumsy by automatically changing up when you hit the limiter. As before it’ll double-declutch for you – with plenty of accompanying exhaust barks. 

7. Mercedes-AMG says the latest C63 introduces more differentiation between driving modes. As well as six drive programmes, from “Slippery” to “Race”, the AMG Dynamics umbrella now offers “Basic”, “Advanced”, “Pro” and “Master” functions.  The Master mode, part of the Race drive programme, turns off the nannying, sharpens up the responses of engine, transmission and limited slip diff – and is generally an oversteerer’s charter. 

8. The car comes with its own “race engineer”. Well, not quite but the latest AMG Track Pace data-logger sounds almost as good. New functions for track driving include sector times that are flashed up in either red or green – just like F1 on the telly! – so you know at a glance if you are getting faster…or if it’s time to call it a day and head for home.

9. Other novelties inside include a new fully digital instrument cluster which shows the vehicle functions with three AMG-specific display styles of “Classic”, “Sporty” or “Supersport”. It’s an option though, as are new open-pore oak wood and aluminium trims. Oh, and there’s a new flat-bottomed steering wheel with touch control buttons and improved gearshift paddles. 

10. The C63 S is still restricted on top speed, but now it’s reined back to a mere 290km/h – or 180mph –  rather than the 250 clicks (155mph) of the outgoing model (unless you paid for it to be de-restricted).

…and finally: prices are likely to change a little, but it’s not yet known what they will be. Currently, the C63 lines-up ranges between £63k and £73k. 

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