Mercedes-AMG could go back to V8s

10th August 2023
Russell Campbell

Mercedes raised more than a few eyebrows when it announced an uninspiring four-cylinder petrol-electric hybrid would replace the V8 in the AMG C63. Still, rumours suggest a U-turn is already on the cards, to bring back the evocative mill in the flagship Mercedes-AMGs.


According to Car and Driver, two independent sources have confirmed that the twin-turbocharged M177 V8 (the same engine fitted to the old car) will make a welcome return in 2026, just in time for a scheduled facelift.

The news comes just a few months (and many scathing reviews) after the launch of the AMG C63 E-Performance PHEV – roundly criticised for its poor powertrain calibration, huge kerb weight and tiny boot capacity (just 324 litres in the estate, a casualty of the large batteries hidden under the floor).


The C63 – previously a frontrunner – now has the dubious honour of being a class whipping boy, cowering at the feet of even the ageing Audi RS4.

Perhaps the best news is that V8 will be, in some form, hybridised, preserving the concept of a V8 family car for future generations for at least a few more years. That'll mean guilt-free silent running in urban areas and sleepy villages, before livening the hills with the sound of AMG V8 thunder. We await official confirmation with anticipation.

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