Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance gets bold F1 Edition

25th October 2022
Bob Murray

What do you call a car with F1 know-how behind it? The F1 Edition obviously, and that’s what Mercedes-AMG has settled on for a limited-sale special version of its recently unveiled C63 S. Maybe they think a few F1 allusions will take the sting out of driving a sports sedan with a mere four cylinders under the bonnet.


But what a four-pot motor. We have already taken a close look at the latest C63 S which trades AMG’s signature V8 for a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine and electric motor. This “performance hybrid” rethink doesn’t just echo the high-tech downsizing in Formula 1 but adopts some of F1’s technical solutions, in particular the way the two-speed electric motor spools up the turbo from low revs.

The result, as we now know, is a mighty 680PS (500kW) and 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds. Still want a V8?

And now there’s the big AMG news that they have come up with an F1 Edition of this already stonkingly potent machine. How much power do you think that will have? You’re right: 680PS (500kW). It’s a body kit, colour and trim job, but, hey, if you are going to have a C63 S why not go for the special version?


There won’t be that many of them for one thing. The F1 Edition is available in either saloon or estate forms but for one year only. You have to like Alpine grey paint with red outlines on the front and rear aprons. And flanks with a colour-graduated foiling that goes from grey to black and incorporates the AMG logo. It probably looks better in the metal than it sounds on paper.

The wheels are definitely cool: matt black 20-inch AMG forged rims in a five-twin-spoke design. There are red accents here too, linking to the wheels of AMG’s F1 Medical Car, claims AMG, which some might think is a slightly odd link to make.

The C63 S F1 Edition comes with an Aerodynamics Package – tweaked splitter, spoiler and diffuser – and AMG’s “Night Package” of high gloss black trim and black chrome grille. Inside you will find black Napa leather performance seats and red stitching and seat belts, plus a smattering of F1 logos. And to keep it all looking nice, AMG is throwing in an F1-logoed car cover.

How much? No word yet, but it’ll obviously help if you’re on an F1 driver’s salary…

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