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Updated: MAR 25th 2022

Dan Trent

The eight best electric supercars for 2022

While there are broad understandings of the hierarchy in power, price and performance in the sports, super and hypercar worlds there’s still a Wild West, frontier-like feel about their electric equivalents. Ahost of manufacturers are making bold claims about million-pound, all-electric hypercars with 2,000PS, 0-62mph in under two seconds and range to take you to the moon and back. Some of them you’ll have heard of, some of them are new players, but anyone with a whiff of realism will understand it’s easy to send out a press release with impressive stats and a few digitally enhanced pics to grab some headlines but rather more difficult to see it through to successful market launch.

We’ve tried to weed out the dreamers from our selection, the cars you see here hopefully credible contenders in the near-future of fully electric hypercars. These should all be around in 2021, but with electric supercars it is sometimes hard to tell.

Updated 25th March 2022


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