Rimac Nevera Time Attac sets new EV Nürburgring record

22nd August 2023
Russell Campbell

Rimac has revealed the Nevera Time Attack as the company celebrates setting a 7:05.298 lap record for EVs at the 12.8-mile Nürburgring, beating the previous record – set by the Tesla Model S Plaid – by more than 20 seconds. Driven by Croatian racing driver Martin Kodrićhe, the 1,941PS (1,408kW), four-wheel drive Nevera wore Michelin Cup2R tyres on one of the year’s hottest days at the Ring.


The one-of-12 Nevera Time Attack special editions get the option of a bespoke paint job of a Squadron Black base with Lightning Green highlights – based on the green skies caused by charged ionised particles that precede an electrical storm. If that colour combination isn't for you, you can also choose from bare carbon-fibre with Rimac Racing Red or Stiniva E-Blue trimmings. 

A rear spoiler with "Dedicated to those coming after us" scrolled on its underside – only visible in the Nevera's most extreme driving mode – provides the finishing touch.


Wrapped in black Alcantara, the inside's colour highlights match the exterior, and you get a 'Time Attack: 1 of 12' plaque.

Rimac's new 'Ring time is the latest in more than 20 records the company has smashed this year. The Nevera was the fastest production EV at the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard last month, scampering up the hill in a mere 49.32 seconds, while in April, the car set 23 records on a single day, including in sprints from 0-60mph, 0-100mph and 0-186mph.


Video: Rimac Nevera smashes a Hill record

17th July 2023


It's already the world's fastest EV, with a verified 256mph top speed.

Mate Rimac, Rimac Group Founder and CEO, said: "In many ways, the Nevera has reinvented the world of the hypercar, bringing new technologies, new abilities and new levels of performance. But the simplest way we can demonstrate its capabilities is to go out and break records. And that's exactly what we've done in 2023, time and again.


"The Nevera Time Attack is a Limited Edition that celebrates the achievements of the past year, wearing a bespoke livery inspired by the car that set off each of them. Built-in a series of 12, each has already been spoken for by our customers keen to capture their very own part of performance car history. And it's only August, too, so there's plenty of time for more records to be broken…"

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