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NOV 27th 2020

Gary Axon

Eight JDM classics that never came to the UK | Axon's Automotive Anorak

Within the last few months, a pair of enticing new Japanese coupe models – a new Nissan Z car and second-generation Subaru BRZ – have been announced to set the pulses of motoring enthusiasts racing, wherever they might be located on the globe. Regrettably for us Brits though (along with most of our fellow European enthusiasts), neither of these exciting new Japanese coupes are planned to be exported and officially sold in either the UK or mainland Europe.

This unfortunate loss is primarily due to a diminishing British and Continental market for new, stylish, fun-to-drive, ‘traditional’ two- and three-door sporting coupes, this once-popular sector now unfeasibly giving way to the (mostly pointless and grotesque in my view) larger, clumsy SUV and crossover so-called fastback ‘coupes’ that are now needlessly invading our roads, many displaying the elegance of a rhino in running shorts.


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