GRR Garage: Caterham 310 S – 5 little things we love

20th September 2018
Ben Miles

I think by now you know that we love driving our long-term Caterham 310 S, so far in our updates we’ve focused on the overall experience – but often a good car wins you over with little details, rather than the bigger picture. So what are our favourite small things about the Caterham 310 S?


Steering wheel

Ok, the first time you jump in it may take some adjusting to how small the wheel is in a Caterham, but it’s the same with downsizing into the car itself. A few weeks of regular use later and it’ll feel like an extension of your arms every time you jump into the car. Of course it’s a Momo wheel, so you know it’s a wonderful thing to hold before you even get in. But it isn’t just the design, it’s the feel that the Caterham gives you through it that makes it a truly wonderful tool in the 310 S’s armour.



Tiny stubby little thing, with a throw of barely a few inches? Where do we sign up?! The fact that it’s also a beautifully-machined piece of metal with a final flourish of the S badge on top. We could go on about the wonderful ‘snick’ you get when you shift into third for hours... there may not be a more satisfying feeling in motoring than a good gearchange and the Caterham 310 S has one of the finest changes of all.



Sure they’re small and made mostly of vinyl, but actually that’s a bonus sometimes. They are actually surprisingly good at keeping the wind and rain out, even with the roof down, and the fact that they weigh almost nothing means that conventional car doors feel hideously heavy.


The view

Engine up front, driven wheels at the rear – surely that’s the way that God intended motoring to be? Everything may be miniaturised in a Caterham, but because you sit so far back, because your legs stretch out in front of you and the engine is slung out even in front of them, it means you get a magnificently old-fashioned visage as you drive. The bonnet stretches out for seemingly ages and it's all crowned by being able to watch the front suspension work as the Caterham does its stuff. It’s like an automotive oil painting.



Tricky? Not really. Okay, erecting the full roof takes a little bit of effort, but once up it’s amazing how good it is. Considering it can be folded into the boot and carried around it does a pretty magnificent job.

MPG this week: 33.7

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