GRR Garage: Caterham 310S – it's here!

20th June 2018
Ben Miles

It’s time to downsize I guess. Emptying the contents of the boot of our departing X-Trail has left us with some normal car contents that just don’t fit in our new steed.


But, who really needs a European driving kit? A bag with wellies and waterproofs in it? Chargers? Documents? You need none of that when you’ve got a Momo steering wheel, 152bhp and you weigh just 540kg.

So we’ve moved from seven seats to two, from four-wheel-drive to two, from four doors, to two (made of mostly rubber and hope). We’ve gone from load-lugging to lap-timing and we’re already in love.

It doesn’t take a lot to fall head over heels in love with a Caterham it turns out. Sussex spent the first week we had with it raining almost constantly, so the roof remained steadfastly up at all times but that still didn’t manage to spoil the excitement.


Out has gone the radio, heated seats, heated steering wheel and even power steering, but in comes a real sense of getting back to pure driving. The Caterham 310S is a car with nothing that it doesn’t need and you are the only thing that’s going to keep it on the road.

So we’re very very happy to welcome a car that makes you smile on a drive to the shops into the Goodwood fold. We’re going to enjoy this…

MPG this week: 35

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  • caterham_310_s_31071863.jpg


    GRR Garage: Caterham 310 S – burned

  • caterham_310_s_31071832.jpg


    GRR Garage: Caterham 310 S – extra-sensory

  • caterham_310_s_31071865.jpg


    GRRC Garage: Caterham 310 S – autumn