GRR Garage: The perfect follow on the X-Trail

07th June 2018
Ben Miles

So here we are again, nearly time for one long-term loaner to head back off to the great garage in the sky (well, the Nissan Garage at HQ) and be replaced with something different for the next half-year.


Can you believe it’s been that long already? Obviously we need to replace our Nissan X-Trail with something equally capable, perhaps something that can take just a couple less passengers (seven is a lot) and maybe we don’t need all that luggage space.

So what can we choose as the perfect follow on? Something that mixes a bit of performance with some decent practical moments and, most importantly, is vivid orange.

So, here it comes, welcome to the fleet in the coming weeks, of course it's… a Caterham 310 S.


It’s the perfect replacement, it has a roof (self applicating) it can do 127mph, it is powered by a 1.6-litre inline four and has 155PS (152bhp), those are pretty similar stats to the X-Trail – and ours will be orange (the images are not of our car).

It also has a boot (if the roof is on, might restrict rear vision) can carry a couple less passengers (but still carries one) and has leather seats.

See, it’s the logical follow-on. And boy is it going to be fun…

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  • caterham_310_s_31071863.jpg


    GRR Garage: Caterham 310 S – burned

  • caterham_310_s_31071865.jpg


    GRRC Garage: Caterham 310 S – autumn

  • caterham_small_0811201804.jpg


    GRR Garage: Caterham 310 S – small