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NOV 16th 2022

James King

The 11 most beautiful Japanese cars of all time

Japan is not a country you necessarily associate with beautiful design. They’ve always landed on the side of functionality and let’s just say ‘outside of the box’ thinking. For example, when styling a tie, Italy would use the finest materials and keep it simple. Japan on the other hand is the country that gave the world the umbrella tie (We’ve not made that up, Google it. It’s exactly what you’re thinking it is).

The car industry generally follows this trend with Japan emerging as a powerhouse of reliability and function in the ‘60s and ‘70s and continuing that until the present day. However, every now and again, the Japanese manufacturers stretch their legs and those sharp functional lines start to flow. To celebrate that breaking of character, we’ve selected the 11 most beautiful cars Japan has ever produced. We also want to caveat that by stating beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, but you won’t find your Skyline GTRs on this list. Yes, they are cool, but beautiful they are not.

Before the pitchforks start appearing over the horizon, let us begin.


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