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DEC 11th 2020

Gary Axon

Seven automotive hits of 1980 – Axon’s Automotive Anorak

In my previous weekly Anorak, I highlighted a handful of notable cars first launched 40 years ago, the ‘duds’ that have (mostly) long since disappeared into obscurity.

For the second part of this review of the car class of 1980, this week I’m focusing on the ‘dudes’ – seven of the more successful new model releases and related derivatives that originally appeared 40 years ago. These 1980 debutant dudes are the cars that made a refreshing advancement and change, bringing welcome enhancements to the motoring world, both for customers and the manufacturers that developed and introduced them. So, the then-new Audi quattro, or the Morris Ital? Not much of a contest really.


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