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JAN 28th 2022

James King

The best car movies of the 2010s

The best movies centred around cars are often considered to be from a bygone era. The Italian Job, Bullitt and French Connection all crop up when the conversation around the best movies to watch for car enthusiasts is raised. However, I want to make the argument that the best era for car movies was the 2010s. Now, before you scoff and write off my somewhat bold opinion, let me present to you my top six movies, films that I think will provide ample evidence to support this.

Also, if you are expecting any of the Fast and Furious series to appear, I’m afraid you’ll be bitterly disappointed. Not to criticise the series too much, but I prefer a little more in my movies than explosions and family. The main issue is that the only shining light, Tokyo Drift, was released in 2006.


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