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MAY 12th 2023

Ethan Jupp

The 14 best naturally‑aspirated cars of the 21st century

What a can of worms a discussion on the best naturally-aspirated cars is. So many candidates from so many eras. Early on we decided to split up pre-2000 and post-2000 cars, with the latter being listed below.

Even then, with some notable exclusions, we’re up to 13 entries, with the caveat that many of these cars are representing truly mighty engine builders, engine families or lines of car. As an example, we have the brand new Porsche 718 Spyder RS very much flying the flag for the Porsche 4.0.

These cars have to be good independent of their engines – they’re excellent as well as having the best free-breathing motors. They also have to have been built in (relative) numbers. Because let’s face it, the GMA T.50 and Aston Martin Valkyrie probably wipe them all away. So with all this in mind, let’s get into it, in broadly chronological order.


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