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APR 01st 2021

Ethan Jupp

Nineteen cars that were never built

Ah, the ones the suits killed. The ones that got away. The EV successor to the Jaguar XJ that the marque recently binned, oh-so close to its being ready for production, is the latest in a long list of models that were cancelled at the last minute, many of which we will list below. This list has been every bit as enjoyable as it has been heartbreaking to put together. On reflection, I wonder whether we were robbed of some of the greatest cars never made.

As ever, I’m going to set a hard and fast rule and then, to varying degrees, repeatedly break it. That rule is, each entry has to have been some way down the road to production, not just a flight of design department fancy or gratuitous meaningless motor show bling. There are a lot of cars to cover here so we’ll try to keep it brief...  Let’s get into it.


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