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Updated: MAY 19th 2020

Henry Biggs

The five best '60s supercars

The 1960s was a revolutionary decade by many measures – the civil rights and women’s liberation movements, May ‘68 and the Space Race all helped shape modern society. Less obviously world-shaping, but arguably as impactful today was, the growth of mass personal transport as cars became much more accessible after the post-war austerity years. The Jaguar E-type and Ford Mustang brought power and style within everyday reach while the Austin Mini became the template for all future family cars.

The ‘60s also gave us the supercar by most popular definitions – a mid-mounted engine, two seats, dramatically beautiful styling and wild impracticality often including, but not limited to, a tendency to catch fire unexpectedly. Apparently, ‘if you can remember the ‘60s you weren’t there (man)’ but the cars below haven’t been forgotten by any means. But if you are wondering where the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale has got to, we will be covering that separately.


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