Video: Tiff Needell tests McLaren F1 at Goodwood

07th November 2019
Ben Miles

When Tiff Needell and the Top Gear crew needed somwhere to test the seminal supercar of its age, the McLaren F1, there was no finer place to turn than the, then to be restored, Goodwood Motor Circuit. So that's exactly where they came.

It's a pretty thorough test for the F1. Not just a bit of track time on the Goodwood circuit, but also a trip to Waitrose to check if it's usable around town, and a quick rundown of the features and engineering that went into Gordon Murray's masterpiece.

It was so long ago that Tiff seems amazed by some features we would consider pretty common on most much cheaper cars today. Things like a moveable spoiler that comes up under braking, but the automotive world was a different place back in the mid 1990s.

You'll have to forgive the rather 'filmed-on-a-potatoe' nature of the video, it's an anonymous upload to YouTube, and if our friends at Top Gear fancy uploading the real HD thing we'll definitely replace it.

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Video: Tiff Needell tests McLaren F1 at Goodwood

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