OCT 30th 2015

Breakfast Club: We have a surprise in store for you ...

Lotus 79 Breakfast Club Bahnstormer 74MM Mike Powell Creative Commons 2.0

This Sunday’s Bahn-Stormer Breakfast Club is going to be a bit special. As ever, we’ve poured through all the applications and have come up with a pretty sensational line up of cars and bikes, but we’ve also selected a small number of special guest machines for your delectation ahead of their appearance at next year’s 74th Members’ Meeting.

74MM Ford GT40

Why don’t we kick off with Mario Andretti’s Championship-Winning Lotus 79 (see above)? The evocative John Player Special-liveried car was the first to fully exploit ground effect technology, which rendered it pretty much unbeatable over the 1978 season. When it finished, it usually won. One of F1‘s great ‘steamrollers’.

From the 1982 world of F1 comes the Arrows A5. This is the only one ever made and it was raced in order to gather data for the 1983 Arrows A6. A fascinating machine, it was one of a number of cars which had such powerful ground effect that it simply didn’t need a front wing. 

Arrows A5 Breakfast Club Bahnstormer 74MM LAT

Fans of Steve McQueen‘s Le Mans film (which is surely just about all of us, right?) will be able to get up close to a Group 5 Ferrari 512M. The five-litre V12 machine is very similar to the 512S which famously duelled with the John Wyer Automotive Porsche 917s in the 1971 film.   

Ferrari 512M Breakfast Club Bahnstormer 74MM Herbert Muller Creative Commons 2.0

Next up are a pair of ’90s Super Tourers: Andy Rouse’s 1995 Ford Mondeo and Patrick Watts’ 1998 Peugeot 406. Both still sport their period livery: ICS/Valvoline for the Ford and Esso Ultron for the Pug. Fans of this season’s sensational BTCC  will have something to say about whether the racing in the Nineties was better, but there’s no question that it was something of a golden age. 

BTCC Peugeot 406 Breakfast Club Bahnstormer 74MM Tony Harrison Creative Commons 2.0

All of these cars will be situated behind the Jackie Stewart Pavilion where you’ll be able to see them in the pit building we normally reserve for special guest machinery at the Members’ Meetings and at the Revival.

Ford Mondeo BTCC Breakfast Club Bahnstormer 74MM Tony Harrison Creative Commons 2.0

Not a bad little bonus line-up, eh?

Photography courtesy of LAT and Herbert Muller, Mike Powell and Tony Harrison licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 and TOM at Picassa under Creative Commons 3.0.

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