We can’t get enough of these Ferraris at Super Sunday

02nd June 2024
Simon Ostler

How many Ferraris is too many Ferraris? To be honest, we suspect it might be impossible to have too many Ferraris, certainly judging on the time we’ve spent wandering around the Goodwood Motor Circuit this morning. It’s always difficult to rein in the excitement at Super Sunday, and seeing quite so many Ferraris in once place threatened to tip this writer over the edge.


The ride gets started with a F12 Berlinetta parked up as part of the GRRC V12 area, then it’s just a case of listing off the Maranello back catalogue. There’s 488s, 458s, 360s, 355s, F430s and Testarossas, not to mention a stunning 308 GTS lighting up the Grid alongside an SF90 Stradale.

Which would we choose? Well that depends on several factors. Would you take a V8 or a V12? Both sound incredible really don’t they. Do you enjoy a purer driving experience from something like a 360 Challenge Stradale? Or do you prefer to cruise in the more comfortable setting of a Ferrari 550? You could of course take to the Motor Circuit itself and experience the dynamic perfection that is the 296 GTB.

What we’re saying is it doesn’t matter how many Ferraris turn up on our doorstep for Super Sunday Breakfast Club, we’re going to ogle every single one of them equally. What’s that? There’re other things here this morning? OK, maybe we’ll take a look at those as well.

Photography by Toby Whales.

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