Revelling in Japanese brilliance at 100th Sunday Breakfast Club

04th May 2024
Simon Ostler

We’ve been thinking a lot during this morning’s 100th Sunday Breakfast Club about which country has produced the highest percentage of the coolest cars in the world. Judging by what’s on display in our section of Japanese machinery at the Goodwood Motor Circuit this morning, we think we may have found the answer.


Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan, Datsun, Mazda, Lexus, Suzuki. It’s an absolutely remarkable list of manufacturers that have each delivered not just one but several absolute gems during their time.

They’re all so different, too, pretty much every area of the market is covered by something utterly brilliant. Nissan has nailed down the supercar element with the GT-R, Mazda has ruled the convertible scene for 30 years with the MX-5, although the Honda S2000 is no layabout. Then you have names like Skyline, Impreza, Supra and Prelude that have been stuck onto the back of some of the coolest cars ever made.

The sheer variety of engineering involved is just brilliant as well. We have rotary engines in the RX-7, Subaru’s famed boxer engine in the Impreza, and who could ever unhear the how of the Skyline straight-six? There’s a reason Japan has been at the epicentre of car culture for decades.

And now we can enjoy all of the best cars to ever come from the country in one place here at Goodwood Motor Circuit. Head over the Paddock 3 to soak up the atmosphere and see all of these JDM legends up close and personal. We’re finding it pretty difficult to pick a favourite.

Photography by Toby Whales.

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